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Finding car financing online is one of the leading ways to apply for auto loans because it is comfortable and convenient. With so many available options for car loans, getting auto finance online can make shopping simpler, and it may even help you save money. At you will find a whole world of information at your fingertips, our website allows you to search and compare for a new or used car loan, or refinancing in an easy and safe way, in the way that best suits you. What is more important, we offer online auto loans in a process with several advantages.

Reap the true benefits of applying for online car loans:

  • Easy and quick application forms, no long handwritten applications.

  • Instant auto loan decisions, no more waiting days for a reply.

  • Possibility to apply for a car loan from home, work, or on your mobile phone.

Through financing a car online, you are making the entire process faster and free. It doesn't matter where your credit is at because there is a lender to suit every credit rating. Complete our online application today and you will have an answer within 24 hours. Apply for an auto loan so that you can get behind the wheel of a car that you deserve.

Why choose our online auto loan?

We at Auto Finance Canada recognize the importance of online applications which is why we encourage you to apply online. Through this process you will efficiently know what your loan options are, and you don't even need to leave the furnishings of your own home. We have been helping people get affordable transportation regardless of their credit history. When you choose us to help you with your auto loan application, you get the benefit of our experience.

When you are looking for a car in the market, you will hear a lot about Annual Percentage Rate, but if you don’t know what it is it will be difficult for you to learn how to work your way around it. To understand what the APR is we must know first that when borrowing money, one has to pay back the principal, i.e. the actual amount of money borrowed. In addition to the principal, interests must be paid, which is the charge for borrowing the money. The APR is basically a number used to determine that interest, which means, how much should be paid to the finance company based on the outstanding principal.

What our team of expert lenders do for you is calculate your APR based on your credit history, the amount to finance, length of the term, the vehicle you choose and the down payment.

  • Your credit history: We understand that the better your credit history is, the better the interest rate you will have. You can find attractive APRs almost as low as 0%, however if you have bad credit, or no credit history at all don’t worry, we will give you the guidance and advise to help you receive an auto loan and pay the best interest rates.

  • The size of your down payment: We know how important it is that you make a good down payment, because it will lower your interest rate and therefore, you will instantly become a more attractive applicant to for our lenders. By making a substantial down payment, you will reduce the risk of ending up owing more than the car is worth and you will be less likely to default.

  • The vehicle you choose: An important fact to know is that generally lenders tend to have higher interest rates for older cars and lower interest rates for newer cars. So with our help you could actually get your hands in a brand new vehicle.

  • The length of the loan term: The general rule is that if you apply for a short loan, you will get a better interest rate if all other factors remain the same.

  • Additional factors: There are also other aspects to consider, for they might have an impact in your APR. Lenders will usually look for applicants with a steady job or income, as well as people with a good expense-to-income ratio in order to predict how likely you are to pay current and new debts.

Car financing online

Over half of the people trying to buy a car will do so online, and these numbers are indicative of the amount of people that will also apply for auto loans online. Car financing isn't as scary as you think, and there are more options than you expect. Even those that have bad credit or bankruptcies can effectively secure loan funding.

Auto Finance Canada currently works with a team of expert lenders who are ready to provide valuable information in order to help with your vehicle purchase. For example, if you need help to work out your budget and use our auto loan calculator to what your monthly payment will be, and what type of vehicle you can afford, they will offer their expertise to get you the information you need.

Applying for online auto loans is easy, and lenders like ours will accept your application regardless of what your credit type is, including bad or no credit. After you have applied with us at, we will send you a decision by email. If your application is approved, you will receive the different offers to suit your car buying needs. The next step is to download and print your documents and gather the simple requirements necessary to start the process.

Canada car loans

When you start shopping for a car loan you might want to go to your bank first, but this is a mistake. You should seek out our services at the Auto Finance Canada to see what options we have available. We have comparative rates that are typically better than what your bank can offer you. We have an extensive network of preferred car dealers which we highly recommend since they have always provided excellent customer service, and have vehicles to meeting ours and your financing requirements, as well as our standards for value, age, and mileage.

Online car financing

Apply online and complete our application in only minutes. Once you have successfully applied, you will receive a loan an answer within 24 hours. This answer does not mean you are obligated to activate your loan, but instead is an invitation for you to print your loan documents and begin looking for the vehicle you have always wanted.

Select a car from the different options we will offer you, according with the parameters for which your loan has been approved. Then complete the transaction by working with your assigned lender to finalize the transaction. With Auto Finance Canada, the process is made fast and simple.

Apply Now with, and get approved for a new vehicle today.