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finding a car loan with bad credit

Find a Car Loan with Bad Credit

You may think that because you have bad credit that it is impossible for you to find an auto loan, but this couldn't be farther from the truth. Even though you might have a bankruptcy on your credit report, this is not the end of the world.

You can still receive an auto loan if you talk to the right lenders, and can put you in contact with these companies. We have a varied network of lenders that will work with individuals at all stages of their credit, and your bankruptcy will not be an issue.

Buying a Car Post Bankruptcy

If you know that you have a bankruptcy on your record you will should take a few of these steps before you go to purchase a new car. Check your credit report to see if there are inaccuracies on there, such as debts that you do not owe. You should also look for car dealerships that specifically work with individuals that have had bankruptcies.

Also, you need to expect to pay high interest rates because of your bankruptcy. However, these interest rates will go down over time as you pay your payments on time.

We Guarantee Auto Loans for Bad Credit

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